Cemetery Survey 2008 - 2010

About Me

I have been associated with St. Jude’s since 1976-77 and for its 125th anniversary in 2009, volunteered to survey the cemetery again at no charge, using my background as a computer teacher, bringing together digital photos, headstone transcriptions, redrawn maps, videos and storing data on DVDs.

Because I underestimated the size of the task, 2009 came and went – and I find myself putting the finishing touches to this data in mid-2010.

It’s my intention to provide DVDs of data to the establishments listed, plus others who need or deserve it, also to upload data onto the St. Jude’s internet website, to help those with an interest in the cemetery.

I’m conscious that media I choose to present this data is likely to become ‘old-hat’ at an alarming rate, so I’ve tried to choose file types which are in common use and may hold up well for a while yet.

Data formats

  1. -Text files - portable document format (pdf)

  2. -Still images - JPEG 10/10 or 11/10 quality

  3. -Video images - MPEG4 at 1920 x 1080 / 50p

  4. smaller copies available

Digital stills were taken on an Olympus mju9000, which has a 10x optical zoom and takes up to 12.1 megapixel images.  These expand in PhotoShop to 33Mb images.  A folder of reduced images also done.

Moving images were taken on a Panasonic HDC-HS9 handycam.  It gives 1920x1080 HD images, using a 3CCD sensor and 5.1 sound.  In mid-February 2010, the cemetery had been thoroughly tidied, the sun and cicadas were doing their best and I thought it was an ideal opportunity to record the state of the ground.  Small MP4 files of the video walks are on the data disc, while a separate disc holds the original full-HD versions.  Could have put everything on a dual-layer DVD which doesn’t currently allow inkjet labels.

Finding an individual among 800 or a plot was daunting at first, so I set up a grid of A-D and 1-5, with the object of having 15-20 plots within each square on the grid

Videos – Original HD resolution

The same six videos are available on a separate DVD, selected from their own menu.

Rather than being something to sit down and watch through, I see these as being a resource to show location and condition of specific plots in 2010, in conjunction with the plot map.

Sincere thanks to the following for support and resources     :

  1. Lisa Truttman – Avondale / Waterview Historical Society

  2. Revd Bob Hornburg, Vicar of St. Jude’s Church, Avondale (2010)

  3. The Cemetery Board – St. Jude’s Church Vestry

  4. Battersby Funeral Services, Avondale

  5. N.Z. Society of Genealogists

  6. Anglican Archives Office – Holy Trinity, Parnell

John G. Russell,

St. Jude’s Church congregation

  1. A-Z Surnames

  2. Surnames, first names, plot numbers, grid reference

  3. BR-Burial Records

  4. Early burials had a ‘BR’ from parish records.  Some info is lost

  5. BR-Burial Unknowns

  6. A specific list of individuals whose locations remain unknown.

  7. Burials from St Luke's

  8. Some burials from the parent church went to Rosebank Rd too.

  9. Cremation Plaque Transcripts

  10. Transcriptions of everything to be seen in 2010, and a few guesses.

  11. Headstones - E

  12. Transcript file of all older memorials.

  13. Headstones - No E

  14. Transcript file of all newer memorials.

  15. Map Grid - E Plots

  16. File linking older plots with a map location.

  17. Map Grid - No E Plots

  18. File linking newer plots with a map location.

  19. Record Bk Transcript

  20. Results of the 1965 survey, and everything added since.

  21. Stillbirths

  22. Either stillborn or died soon after birth.  Includes a map.


Text files

  1. Burial Registers

Some from St Jude’s – 1882 - 1887  and  1928 – 1952.

  1. Church Plaques

Names of some past parishioners, listing contributions or service.

  1. Cremation Plaques A-D

Four folders of hi-res images.

  1. -Cremation Plaques  - Row A

  2. -Cremation Plaques  - Row B

  3. -Cremation Plaques  - Row C

  4. -Cremation Plaques  - Row D

  1. Grass-only Plots

Some plots have missing markers.  Some have never had one.

  1. Headstones  E

Some plots have several stones.  All stones have individual photos.

Several plots have multiple photos to show all stones as a group.

  1. Headstones  No E

Some plots have several stones.  All stones have individual photos.

Several plots have multiple photos to show all stones as a group.

  1. Maps

Three maps. 

The ‘Video Walks’ shows the line taken by the handycam.

The 300dpi image provides a basis for a large wall chart.  (1200 dpi is Available by request too.)

Cremation Plot surnames, including those which don’t have a plaque.

JPEG Image files

  1. Road Perimeter

Follows the outside the fenceline of Rosebank Road . Orchard Street.

  1. Cremation Plots

Moving straight towards the plots, from the entry gate.

  1. East Aisle

Follows the east aisle, from north to south, ending at the cremation plots.

  1. West Aisle

Follows the west aisle, from north to south, ending near the gate.

  1. East Fenceline

Gives the best view of the stillborn plots, as it travels north to south.

  1. West Fenceline

Listen too for the kindergarten, across Orchard St, learning a tune.

Video files